About the Center

About the Center

It’s a Social institution attempting to develop various aviation skills focusing on developing the self capacity of amateurs and work to employ their power and enhance their talents and equip them with technical, professional and recreational skills in the field of air sports.

Our Vision:

Pioneering in air sports locally and regional with universality standards.


Our Mission:

To provide educational and training services for air sports hobbyists using the latest methods and adopt international standards.


Objectives of the Center

  1. To propagate air sports culture.
  2. Care for personal and recreational aviation hobbyists
  3. Take care of youths and train them in various aviation Sciences.
  4. Train youths in skydiving, gliding and router planes.
  5. Explore talents and try to develop and refine it and provide an appropriate environment for creative ideas.
  6. To propagate aviation science culture.
  7. To develop hobbyists in various aviation domain and practicing.