Educational System

Educational System  

The education system in the Academy is approved by the Sudanese Ministry of Higher Education according to credit hours system.


Program duration:

The academy awards three years Diploma in Avionics. Each program contents at least 110 credit hours. The Academic system is a Grade Point Average (GPA) system, each program is divided into six semesters, each semester lasts (10-17) weeks excluding examinations period.

Education system contents  

The total hours are divided into 56% for applied Studies and 44% for practical studies. The Graduate of High Level Aviation Academy diploma program is qualified to be able to:

– Work according to the systems and ethics of the profession.

– Pursue all maintenance operating activities and processes in a professional and competent manner.

– Apply different acquired academic knowledge in practical life.

– Involve in an integrated teamwork and merge in the culture of aviation.

– Strengthen the principle of education and learning in aviation domain.

– Pinpoint technical faults and problems and apply mathematical and engineering sciences to find innovated solutions.

– Effectively interact with colleagues from the same program or from other areas of aviation industry.

– Practice maintenance work according to international safety and quality standards stated in regional and international laws.