Remote control

Remote control(RC):

Stages of training:

Stage 1:

This phase is called flight basics and remote control. It is made up of three lectures (2 hours per each session) on the basics of flying. Lectures are given by aviation engineers from Nile Centre for air sports.

Stage 2:

It is the stage of simulators (Flight Simulators), it composes:

– Detailed explanation of the control stick and how it works.

– Practical training on plane simulators.

– Assessment of the trainee performance at the end of the stage to obtain a qualifying certificate to move to the next phase or fails to do so. The study period is six hours.

Stage 3:

This stage contains practical training on RC aircraft. It composes several stages:

Taxing: Ground control of model plane and it lasts half an hour.

Circuit: The stage of receiving the plane while floating and rotate and keep balance). It lasts for an hour.

Takeoff: Taking off of the plane, it takes half an hour.

Law Passes: The stage of flight control at a low level. This stage time is one hour.

Landing:  Landing of the plane, it takes half an hour.

Solo: Solo flight is the stage of solo floating, it takes an hour.

After passing the practical aviation operations successfully on Tiger model plane and in the end of this stage the trainee will be given a certificate which enables him/her to operate and fly RC aircrafts.


Terms of submission:

* Minimum age of 18 years.

* Sudanese Secondary School certificate (success)

* Medical fitness

* Guardian written approval