Skydiving (Operational)

It is Normal jumping with a Parachute fastened by the parachute rope (static line) to the tightening wire inside the plane. When the skydiver jumps from the plane the parachute cord is cut and the parachute starts to open gradually till it is completely open in no more than two seconds.

Sports Jumping (Free Jumping)

It takes place at high-altitudes of up to 25000 feet or more. The skydiver jumps freely from the plane without using the parachute (static line), and continues to float in the air keeping the balance of his body until he reaches the given height as shown in the rising clock, then he open the parachute. The skydiver leads the parachute to the specified direction.  The trainee jumps eight jumps with instructor after that jumps 25 jumps to complete 33 jumps to obtain (sport jumping licence) leaps in three weeks after which he obtains a “Free Hopper” certificate.

Terms of submission:

* Minimum age of 18 years.

* Sudanese Secondary School certificate (Success).

* Medical fitness.

* Guardian written approval.