Student’s speech

Student’s speech:

Read by Albaabli Ahmed Hassan Babikir

Operations Program

I joined the course of air operations in High Level Academy for Aviation in early 2016, after hearing about its excellent image in aviation domain. The Academy provides an encouraging learning environment including highly equipped halls with highly experienced teachers and trainers in the field of aviation.  The comfortable and peaceful environment encouraged me to work hard and succeed and to love what I am studying. The academy is not confined to Sudanese students only, there are also colleagues of Arab and other nationalities, and this helped me enrich my culture and gain new friends from different countries

I have come to realize that the Academy gave me a push to succeed and to love aviation Studies. I have heard a lot about its excellent reputation in the field of aviation in this region, and this is based on its sizable abilities and ownership of a fleet of training aircraft and simulators in addition to training halls inside Khartoum International Airport. All these capabilities make the Academy the only institution in Sudan which provides inclusive training opportunity for its students and the only Academy which awards private and commercial flight certificates accredited by the Sudanese Civil Aviation Authority.  This makes me feel proud that I’ m one of its students. Studying aviation in High Level Academy is in itself flying towards success.