Statement of the Dean

Statement of the Dean of the College:

High level academy is at the doors of the graduation of the second batch of graduates of diploma in Aircraft Engineering on a new phase of development and growth, which includes supporting the academic and management structure with qualified staff to complete preparation of the revised academic rules and the academy regulations. The Bachelor program, with multiple great efforts exerted by the Academy sponsors, has reached advanced stages, and waits for the approval of the Ministry of higher Education and Scientific Research.

The Academy is determined to take a prominent place among equal regional and international institutions through improving academic performance and continuous training and upgrading academic attainment and promoting professional competence.

Our vision in future development rests in horizontal and vertical expansion taking along the realized development in the Academy human and financial potentials, to guarantee that the Academy qualified graduates remain at a high standard and competence to provide distinctive services in Aviation Engineering Sciences.

Professor  Kamil  Mohamed Al-hassan Waqi ALLAH

Dean of High Level Academy for Aerospace Engineering