Cabin Crew


Cabin Crew Course

– This program is designed to qualify students to work as crew cabin flight attendant with airlines companies in order to preserve passenger safety and comfort starting with boarding on a plane to disembarking.

– The theoretical credit hours are 260 study hours over a three months period. The student receives various specialized subjects in safety and air hospitability such as passenger attendance, air safety, first aids, and dangerous goods loading in addition to studying the plane models of Airbus 320 and Boeing 737-500 as well as getting training in fire extinguishing and passengers disembarking on water or ground.

 Cabin Crew Application Requirements

–  A Sudanese Secondary School certificate or equivalent Arab or Foreign secondary school certificate.

– Minimum age of 18 years (birth certificate needed).

– To pass a second degree medical checkup.

Reasonable Ratio of weight to height.