What makes us unique

What makes us unique:  

High level aviation academy is an educational national institute pioneer in the field of aviation and one of aviation sector companies.

It is approved by the European Union and certified by the Sudanese Civil Aviation Authority.

The Academy is characterized by:

  1. Practical training for pilots.
  2. Accredited by the Sudanese Civil Aviation Authority.
  3. High qualified trainers with high efficiency and licensed by the Civil Aviation Authority.
  4. Possesses a fleet of modern Italian Teknam Aircrafts (8 planes).
  5. Less training fees compared with external training in neighbouring countries such as (EGYPT, JORDAN, ETHIOPIA and SOUTH AFRICA).
  6. Habitation of pilots training in Sudan which helps in preserving national and religious culture of the national cadre.

The training team qualifications: 

The trainers are highly qualified with high flight hours and high skills in training and teaching the necessary equipment’s .They are approved by the Sudanese Civil Aviation Authority.

Curriculum and training methods

The training curriculum is modern and certified by one of the best international universities and educational institutes like OXFORD; the Academy has modern illustration methods (smart boards and interactive classrooms for theoretical studies). It provides basic flying simulators for practical training. It also provides plane simulators and practical unaccompanied training.