Flight Training School


Flight Training School


Flight training school, affiliated to High Level Aviation Academy for Aviation, is one of the academic schools approved by the Sudanese Civil Aviation Authority. It is reliable in training aircrew including pilots, flight operations officers, air cabin crew, ticketing and reservation in addition to technical short courses for various relevant personnel including pilots, engineers, technicians, administrative staff, air and ground crew and other assisting staff in the field of aviation.

Flight training school is distinct of possessing valuable assets and infrastructure which enables it to carry out various training roles especially in pilots training. It has a fleet of seven European TECNAM aircrafts, modern aircraft simulators, smart classrooms equipped with latest educational technologies (smart board), a crew of qualified and experienced air and ground instructors.

A Modern aircraft with twin engine P2006T TECNAM aircrafts is added to the fleet of the school.

School objectives:

– Localization of pilots training in the Sudan.

– Participate in reducing the costs of studying abroad.

– Open doors to the outside world and bring in sciences and modern technology.

– Preserve the Sudanese identity and culture of the student or staff member working in aviation field.