About the Program

Brief Information about the Programs:

The Academy provides the following Programs

  1. Diploma in Aircraft Avionics
  2. Diploma in Air-frames and engines

* These programs are approved by the Sudanese Ministry of Higher Education and scientific Authority. The Academy provides outstanding students an opportunity to work at SAFAT Aircraft Center,

Our Mission:

Provides aircrafts maintenance services with distinctive academic qualifications and practical systematized experience to cover-up the needs in aviation markets, using all available capabilities and applying all national and international standards and systems to upgrade the caliber of the graduates.

The Goals: 

– Supplement aviation sector with qualified graduates with scientific and practical competence and moral integrity.

– Provide the graduates with the new updates and developments in the labor market.

– Meet the demands in aircraft maintenance cadres and fill the gap in generation’s successions.

– Provide highly qualified academic curricula binding theoretical education with practical experience that can compete with regional standards, looking forward to reach global levels through continuous curricula updating.